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100% on time deliveries from last 20 years

At our company, we uphold a vigilant approach when it comes to our packing strategy. As providers of goods to the global market, it’s imperative that we offer our customers top-notch packaging that’s world-class. Our packaging protocol includes the use of seaworthy euro pallets to guarantee the safety of our products during shipment. This is an integral element of our professional and bold packing approach.

We understand the importance of careful packaging and transportation for successful delivery.  We take all necessary measures to ensure that our components reach our customers in perfect condition. Prior to dispatch, each component undergoes a thorough deburring and cleaning process and is then packed with rust preventive oil.

These materials include polythene bags, netted sleeves, corrugated boxes, rust-preventative paper, bubble paper, euro pallet, and wooden boxes. Additionally, we transport goods via road, sea, and air per our customers needs. 

Our team is dedicated to meeting delivery deadlines, and we regularly monitor our activities to ensure on-time delivery.