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Mastery in Process planning and Production Engineering

Our team brings to the table 25 plus years of experience in the manufacturing engineering field, with extensive knowledge of various processes involved in process engineering fixture and tool design and selection execution. We take pride in catering to a diverse range of engineering industry segments with our world class quality products.

Furthermore, we have an advanced CAD CAM facility  to utilize the machine tools at it’s  optimum
level in terms of application, efficiency Quality . We are here to help you achieve your goals   help you to  increase your profitability with our amicable and proficient approach.

Tooling and gauges design and selection,Inhouse Fixture Design

Advance CAD CAM Facilities

Multi-axis capability and flexible CNC machines

Good Supplier base for subcontracting operations like Heat

Treatment, Surface Treatment, Honing etc.

In-house capability for manufacturing Indexable special tool holders